Working Hard to Play It Safe: Dynamic Security

by Lindy Regan

The day Dynamic Security took up residence at Raritan Center in a space more than double the size of its previous headquarters, vice president Bart Kartoz remembers thinking, “This is so big we’re going to get lost in here!” One year later the company is already straining at the seams of its new digs. Reflecting on the success responsible for that post-move growth spurt Bart says, “Some of that change was the luck of the draw, things coming together at just the right time. I can’t help but wonder if the physical space was limiting us, in terms of our imagination. It all works together.”

That kind of expansive thinking coupled with a steel-trap grasp of every forward leap in technology is the unique advantage customers receive when they contract with Dynamic Security to develop, install, improve or augment all or part of a security system for their commercial, institutional, industrial or municipal buildings and properties. “If you look at what we do on a regular basis,” Bart says, “it is essentially what everybody else does. A school calls us and wants video, that’s easy. But when someone comes to us and says, ‘I want X but I don’t know how we’re going to do that, that’s where we’re a little different.”

One case in point is a customer who wanted to install video cameras on light poles in a parking lot. There was no way to get wire to the cameras without digging a trench through 500 feet of macadam; and there was no power to the lights except after dark. “So we installed a set of batteries and a converter. When the lights are on at night you’re charging the battery system; then you run the cameras all day and charge them again at night. It’s a combination of cameras, wireless transmitters, as well as voice intercoms going across the same IP network back to the building, and it’s all battery operated. None of that’s very complicated, but a lot of companies would have said ‘no’.”


As an integrator, Dynamic Security specializes in pulling together the ideal combination of equipment and open-source software to fulfill the requirements of every job with a customized solution. Historically, Bart tells us, security systems have been hierarchical: “If you started with Company A’s product you had to continue buying Company A’s products; and if you needed to change for any reason your options were really limited.” That usually meant an expensive and disruptive return to square one. By working with vendors who are building software that is compatible with multiple kinds of hardware, Dynamic Security offers its customers the option to modify their security systems without incurring the same level of cost. “If you make it less proprietary you can change how you’re using it without having to rip everything off the wall. When we started talking about that six years ago everybody looked at us like we had extra heads. Now, it’s becoming de rigueur; it’s going mainstream as we speak.”

The Dynamic Security team commands expertise across all platforms of physical security--from card access and alarm systems, video surveillance and GPS monitoring, wireless communications systems, to iris and fingerprint scanning and beyond. They are first adopters of the best new products and innovations in the security industry, from intelligent video systems that can tag, isolate, and call up on demand any specific recorded activity, to game-changing advances in miniaturization, power conservation, and wireless capabilities. But, as Bart emphasizes repeatedly, the specific technologies are secondary Dynamic Security’s primary goal—to pay attention to the details of each customer’s needs, provide excellent service, and employ the best tools and techniques available to support the organization. “Most people don’t want to know about open systems and such. They want a job done right and they want it done on budget.”

Business Name:
Dynamic Security
Barton Kartoz, Vice President; Patty Leeds, Office Manager
Business Type:
Physical Security Systems Integrator
Customer Base:
Commercial, Industrial, Municipal & Institutional Properties
New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania
Years in Business:
At Raritan Center
Number of Employees: 13
270 Raritan Center Parkway, Edison, NJ 08837
732.985.3331 x 101
Distinguishing Characteristic: Innovative, Customized Security Solutions
Interview Date: November 2013
Photography By: Insight Photography