by Lindy Regan

At 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 21, 2014, the second annual Raritan Center Business Fair hosted by Federal Business Centers kicked off at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. By 3:01, there was no doubt that the organizers’ commitment to repeat last year’s success—only “bigger and better”—had come through with flying colors.

As if a film director had shouted “Action!” the room was filled with music and motion and lively conversation. In one corner a caricature artist dashed off one souvenir portrait after another, each bearing the telltale sign of the prevailing mood of the day—a broad magic-marker smile on every guest’s likeness. In the opposite corner, a therapeutic masseuse worked the knots out of scores of office-bound shoulders. At center stage an endless and glorious array of hot and cold delicacies looked almost too good to eat, while an open bar and make-your-own ice cream sundae station took care of any remaining cravings. Drawings for home electronics, a flower arrangement, gift cards, gift baskets, meals, a gym membership and so much more added another dimension to the genuine fair-like atmosphere.

But the real stars of the show were the businesspeople that came out to meet, mingle, and launch new relationships with their neighbors in the Raritan Center community. Sixty-two companies with a presence in the business park participated in the free event. Most presented their products or services with engaging displays along with some take aways set up at pre-reserved tables. Others worked the room on foot, making introductions and connections as they made the rounds. New this year was the inclusion of 18 third-party vendors whose specialties could be of use to any business in the Center—hand-made chocolates, corporate art sales and installation, wellness services, promotional merchandise, gift baskets, specialty baked goods and such.


What began last year as a customer appreciation event has already taken hold as a new tradition. Carol Hart-Sosinksi and Stacey Weinberg Kierman of Federal Business Centers’ Customer Service & Sales Departments took on the lion’s share of responsibility for pulling together every detail of the 2014 business fair. Yet they give credit for its success to the participating businesses and more than 200 attendees from within Raritan Center.

“I feel like this year the companies really left with something,” said Carol. “There was more business being done, more connections were being made. People were saying, ‘They’re down the street; we’re going to be working with them now.' In particular, Carol points out that several of Federal Business Centers’ retail customers had a chance to meet and decided to hold their warehouse sales together. “If anyone else out there wants to jump on that bandwagon, we at Federal Business Centers are so supportive and willing to help with that.”

“I think the big takeaway for me,” added Stacey, “was that everyone had a positive experience. Someone would tell me, ‘I made three great contacts’ or ‘I’ve got six new leads!’ For others it was enough to be able to meet and socialize with their neighbors in a stress-free professional environment.”

Plans are already under way to build on this year’s success for an even better 2015 Raritan Center Business Fair.

We hope to see you next year at THE RARITAN CENTER BUSINESS FAIR 2015!!!

If you would like your business to be profiled in a future edition of Raritan Center B2B,
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