Safe and Sound and Then Some:
ASG Security

by Lindy Regan

The ongoing revolution in digital and wireless technologies has not quite turned every aspect of our daily lives into the stuff of science fiction: unlike Joan Jetson, we still have to do a little more than push a button to get dinner on the table; and when we’re stuck in traffic we can’t call on Scottie to beam us up and into the office on time for that critical meeting. Not yet, anyway. But one area that has been completely transformed by these advances, that can be thoroughly and affordably enjoyed right now, is the security systems available for your home or business. What used to be left to a bribable guard dog, an iffy alarm, or a blurry video image viewed after the fact is now under our control as never before.

One of the newest members of the Raritan Center business community is the Northern New Jersey regional office of ASG Security, a privately owned company with a nationwide presence and an overriding commitment to providing the technologies of the future with a level of service often viewed as a thing of the past. B2B recently sat down with Paul Netti, Operations Manager, and Peter Giancaspro, Residential and Small Business Sales Manager, to hear from these two industry veterans about some of the amazing innovations now available and the ways in which ASG hopes to serve its neighbors in Raritan Center.

“Our business is split 50-50 between commercial and residential, and every system is tailored to the specific customer,” explained Paul. ASG’s business clients range from mom-and-pop operations to national chain stores to sprawling warehouses and office buildings. “On the commercial side we do fire alarms. We do keyless access systems that can be programmed to control who can get into your office space or warehouse at certain times or on certain days. We also do large-scale IP video; that’s the biggest thing on the commercial side right now.”

When an IP-based camera system is installed and integrated into a business’s network its video feed can be viewed and controlled in real time from anywhere in the world. “It’s so much clearer than the old analog systems,” Paul continued. “On my laptop at home I can turn it on and see what’s going on here. If for some reason the alarm system goes off, I can zoom in on exactly what’s happening.”

ASG installs IP video or snapshot motion-detection systems for its residential customers, too, which not only provide traditional security measures but the added ability to literally see that all is quiet and as expected on the home front on a daily basis. As Peter explained, “When your child comes home from school, or if he comes home with somebody else, you’ll be able to see that, or check in on an elderly parent. You get text or email alerts. It gives you the flexibility to be in touch when you’re not there, the freedom not to be looking at the clock and thinking ‘I’ve got to get home.’ And while they’re at it, ASG can integrate remote control of your lighting, thermostats, small appliances, door locks, and garage doors into the mix, all at the command of your smart phone or tablet. “Our goal is to make your home a smart home.”

Just as astonishing as the new technology is the fact that ASG completes the typical residential installation in about four hours. This includes setting up and integrating all hardware and software, installing the application on the customer’s smart device, and taking the homeowner through a hands-on demonstration of the system. Before leaving, the technician will put the customer on the phone with an ASG coordinator to ensure they are happy and that everything is working to their satisfaction.

“We try to stay as educated as possible as far as what’s going on in the field,” says Paul. “Our technicians are very experienced, very good people; our service manager and everyone here is just top notch. We try and emphasize a team atmosphere and above all, we pride ourselves on customer service.”


Commercial Monitoring Special
ASG monitor any competitor’s alarm system at a fraction of the cost.

One Time Programming Fee


Burglar Alarm $19.95
Fire Alarm $24.95
Burglar/Fire Combo $29.95

**  Pricing continuant upon ASG Security being able to reprogram existing controlwaived panel using default programming code or customer supplied programming code. There will be an additional charge if the panel needs to be replaced.

Commercial Radio Special
POTS lines are a thing of the past and will be eliminated by the telephone companies in the near future. ASG has a solution that will meet NFPA-72 and save you money every month.


ASG Owned (lease) Outright Purchase
One time Installation Fee: $0.00 $895.00
24 hour Central Station Monitoring: $54.95 $39.95

ROI - Average saving eliminating (2) dedicated POTS lines is approx. $ 80.00 per month plus the cost of Central Station monitoring that averages between $35 - $55 per month.

Call George Schneck at 856-625-4205 or to set up an appointment ASAP


  • Wireless Intelligent Panel/Keypad with built-in Wireless/Secure Communicator and Patented Crash & Smash Technology
  • 3 – Wireless Door or Window sensors
  • 1 – Wireless Pet Immune Motion Sensor with Image Sensor
  • Remote access & control from any device with an internet connection
  • Installation & Activation fees included

*With this offer we will waive the $99.00 installation fee, requires a 36-month monitoring agreement at $36.95 a month with approved credit.

Stop in for huge savings!

Call Peter Giancaspro at 732-887-1435 or to set up an appointment ASAP.

Business Name:
ASG Security
Paul Netti, Operations Manager; Peter Giancaspro, Residential & Small Business Sales Manager, George Schneck, Commercial Sales Manager
Business Type:
Security Solutions Provider
Customer Base:
Commercial, Small Business & Residential
National, Raritan Center Branch: Central & Northern New Jersey; Ulster, Rockland & Orange Counties, New York
Years in Business: 12
Years at Raritan Center:
Number of Employees:
30 at Raritan Center; 1500 nationally
National Headquarters:
Beltsville, MD
Address: 254 Fernwood Avenue, Edison, NJ 08837
732.828. 6804
732. 828.8189
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Exceptional customer service; teamwork; fast & efficient installation
Interview Date:
August 2014
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