Who To Call When There’s No Tomorrow: ADVERTISING SHIPPERS

by Lindy Regan

Lou Garcia was still limping a bit from a recent mountain biking accident when B2B visited the amiable president of Ad Shippers a few months ago. But as a nonstop series of unpredictable snafus cropped up that same morning, he strategized and maneuvered a way through every obstacle to his company’s on-time schedule “We don’t miss deliveries,” Lou says matter-of-factly. “That is our claim to fame.  Our goal is 100% on-time deliveries. All things considered, how do you do that, we wondered. “Anticipate. Always anticipate,” he replied, “and always have one or two back-up plans in place.”

That philosophy is not only key to the everyday and historical success of Ad Shippers, one of the longest operating businesses in Raritan Center, but to its future as well. For forty years, Ad Shippers has made its name as a spectacularly reliable general transportation company with a niche specialty in the pick-up and delivery of time-sensitive newspaper inserts. And while printed store circulars are still more popular and effective among consumers than their online counterparts, circulation of the newspapers bundled around those inserts continues to diminish exponentially every year. Long before the bottom drops out of the print newspaper business, should it do so, company president Lou Garcia, vice president John Kuldoshes, and their team are ready to expand and adapt to new kinds of opportunities, and are especially looking forward to offering Ad Shippers’ expertise to new customers within the Raritan Center community.

ShopRite has entrusted Ad Shippers with the delivery of its weekly inserts to newspapers and member stores for 35 years. In that time the number of inserts has grown to nine million a week segmented among 190 supermarkets in six states. And you can thank Ad Shippers for the comforting rush of finding the New York Times magazine nestled inside each Sunday’s paper. The process of printing that magazine every week as well as the various specialty Times inserts published by the Times throughout the year (Design, Travel, Food, Fashion, etc.) is a complex undertaking typically fraught with errors and delays. But regardless of any hold-ups on the printing end, Ad Shippers will do whatever it takes to make up for lost time or make things run smoothly. If that means Lou himself has to hop behind the wheel of a truck on occasion, business suit and all, so be it. “There is no tomorrow in the insert business, and there are no prima donnas in the trucking business, what you see is what you get, and I love what I do” he said.

It is not only Ad Shippers’ customers who tend to stay with them for the long run. While working for another insert carrier early in his career Lou saw and experienced exactly how not to treat employees or run a business. The lessons he took away has set an enduring standard of respect, integrity and good will within the company and it shows. Lou has been there 30 years; John for more than 20. There is little turnover and plenty of loyalty among the company’s support staff, dispatchers and drivers.
In addition to the insert business, Ad Shippers delivers mail to post offices for mail houses and acts as a small distribution center for other customers who drop freight at the company’s tidy, well-run warehouse. In the past year the company has joined a national network of carriers that keep an innovative brand of reusable plastic pallets in circulation. The possibilities for expanding into other outlets are wide open.

Business Name:
Ad Shippers
Lou Garcia, President
Business Type:
Transportation, Warehousing, Logistics--specializing in newspaper inserts and mail
Customer Base:
Retailers, Newspapers, others requiring pick-up and distribution of printed materials; mail houses; any business requiring general transportation services
New Jersey, Long Island, Eastern Pennsylvania and Connecticut
Years in Business: 41
Years at Raritan Center:
Number of Employees:
70 Campus Drive, Edison, NJ 08837
Email: lgarcia@adshippers.com | jkuldoshes@adshippers.com
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Dedication and “we don’t miss deliveries”
Interview Date:
October 2014
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