Streamlining Streaming Media and More: A2Zlogix

by Lindy Regan

The blockbuster movie posters lining the conference room walls at A2Zlogix are not just there for decoration. Settling in for a chat with Sandra Bullock, we soon learn that the 3-D versions of the Chronicles of Narnia, Green Lantern, Conan the Barbarian, and many other Hollywood spectacles might well have fallen flat if not for a game-changing technology developed right here in Raritan Center. Wait. What? Sandra Bullock? “I’m the other one,” she says as graciously as if this were the first time her name had ever been remarked upon, “the English one.” This is Sandra Bullock, Product Development Analyst & Director of Marketing for A2Zlogix—less famous, perhaps, but possessed of an undeniably stellar ability to make complex new processes and their exciting ramifications easily understandable to a couple of last-generation visitors.

A2Zlogix is an incubator of innovation in digital content creation, monetization, and delivery for the entertainment, communications, and media industries. The groundbreaking software they devised to convert complicated sections of 2-D footage into flawless 3-D quickly and economically would be achievement enough to serve as many companies’ bed of laurels for years to come. But here, new ideas about how to do things better just keep on coming and turning into practical technologies.

Lately A2Zlogix’s primary focus is on creating and deploying through their industry partners two breakthrough software solutions—one that optimizes the transmission of video data across the existing, overtaxed broadband infrastructure, and another that revolutionizes and humanizes the way we receive and respond to online advertising. What that means for we end users is never again having a film or TV show we’re totally engrossed in cut out for signal buffering or seeing a live sporting event, performance, or remote meeting go dead because the feed has been lost. On the advertising side, it means we will not be assaulted by banner ads for products, services, or promotions we might have found useful had their unbidden appearance on our devices not irritated them out of our favor from the get-go.

“Our most recent product, Video Bandwidth Reduction, or VBR, works to reduce the bandwidth that you need to transmit video, which is a big issue right now,” explains Sandra. In January 2014,  A2Zlogix entered into a partnership with Verizon Digital Media Services that will integrate VBR technology seamlessly into Verizon’s existing services. “It solves Verizon’s major pain point without requiring any changes on their part. What VBR does is clean the noise and artifacts like unwanted film grain from a video to make it smaller and much more efficient to encode.

You don’t get the buffering problems; it takes up about 35% less space in the pipe, leaving room to send more data down the pipe; and every detail of video quality is preserved.” The “pipe” is the broadband infrastructure the U.S. has spent $1.2 trillion to build in the past 17 years, and into which every telecommunications company pumps billions more every year to keep up with exponential leaps in demand. VBR and its sister technology Image Bandwidth Reduction (IBR) which works similarly in the color space—removing color before an image or video is transmitted, then reassembling it on the destination device—work their magic equally well in any medium on any device, from smart phone apps to IMAX movie screens.

ASG (the Advertising Sync Gateway) is the A2Zlogix answer to improving the mobile and social media advertising experience for both the consumer and the advertiser. “As it is now, if you get a banner ad on your smartphone or tablet or laptop nobody knows if you’ve seen it, whether you’ve remembered it, or if you’ve done anything with it,” says Sandra. (Not only that, but behavioral studies have shown that we users of digital content have subconsciously trained our eyes to avoid the right side of the screen, where those ads traditionally appear.) “ASG was designed to be less intrusive but more efficient. It sends ads and coupons that are synchronized across all your devices and based upon your preferences, but caches them until you want to use them. We’re trying to come from the perspective of a tool that is useful rather than an interference or annoyance.”

Although its focus is always on the future, A2Zlogix has an impressive history. President and CEO Jim Spinella has more than 30 years experience in the technology industry, with the likes of IBM, Tandem, and Sun Microsystems, and as founder and Chairman of Innovative Systems Design (ISD), which he grew into the largest global reseller of Sun Microsystems before selling it in 2007.  The executive, research and development team he has marshaled around the A2Zlogix mission is like a predictive technology version of the legion of superheroes--with an origin story set in the fabled labs and halls of the likes of RCA and Sarnoff Labs in Princeton and with a knack for spotting the best and brightest of the next generation of innovators. With the confidence and collaboration of industry partners like Ericsson, Verizon, and Hewlett Packard behind them, the A2Zlogix team continues to move forward.

While the rest of us enjoy glitch-free video streaming in the year ahead, and hassle-free digital advertising, A2Zlogix will be solving problems we have not yet confronted, with technologies that enhance, simplify, and bring a good measure of amazement into our lives.

A2Zlogix, Inc. is a B2B company that provides a suite of strategic technologies to address the efficient use of bandwidth and wireless spectrum fueled by explosive consumer demand for video, and the effective monetization of advertising content across all types of digital devices, including mobile and the Internet of Things.

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Software & Technology Solutions
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August 2014
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